Directors and Officers


J. Daniel Bucher

T. Richard Harvey, CPA

Harry C. Marson, IV

Russell T. Linger, Jr.

Donald J. Judy

Pat A. Nichols

Guy H. Michael, Jr.

F. Casey Wallace

Richard L. Thompson

David J. Orr

Nellie B. Liggett


President and CEO:

T. Richard Harvey, CPA



Anthony N. Ricottilli, CPA


Customer Service Manager:

Diana J. Summerfield

Vice President/Sr. Loan Officer:

Rebecca L. McClung


Operations Officer:

S. Diane Chidester


IT Manager:

Kelly L. Godwin

Loan Administration Officer:

Anita J. Biggs


Internal Auditor:

Stefanie K. Geesey

Marketing/HR Manager:

Joan E. Hostetler


Compliance Officer:

Ashley N. Long