Online Banking


Directors and Officers


J. Daniel Bucher

T. Richard Harvey, CPA

Donald J. Judy



Russell T. Linger, Jr.

Harry C. Marson, IV

Pat A. Nichols

Richard L. Thompson

Tammy Harman Dolly

R. Scott Betler




President and CEO:

Douglas K. Weese, CPA

 Vice President & Operations Officer:

S. Diane Chidester

Customer Service Manager:

Christa D. Licwov


Senior Vice President& Chief Credit Officer:

Rebecca L. McClung

Vice President of Retail Lending:

Anita J. Curtis






Vice President & IT Manager:

Kelly L. Godwin

Marketing/HR Manager:

K. Michelle Pratt

Director of Internal Audit:

Stefanie K. Geesey

Director of Compliance:

Ashley N. Long